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Coupon rate. Stores coupon rate as an annual %. Input the value for the coupon rate followed by the keys shown at left. Call. Stores call value. Default is set for a call price per $100.00 face value.. Calculate the price. Press . 108.50 should be displayed. Calculate accrued interest. Press .

The calculator uses the following formula to calculate the yield to maturity: P = C(1 + r)-1 + C(1 + r)-2 + . . . + C(1 + r)-Y + B(1 + r)-Y. Where: P is the price of a bond, C is the periodic coupon payment, r is the yield to maturity (YTM) of a bond, B is the par value or face value of a bond, Y is the number of years to maturity

This free online Bond Yield to Maturity Calculator will calculate a bond’s total annualized rate of return if held until its maturity date, given the current price, the par value, and the coupon rate. Using this bond YTM calculator will help you to quickly compare the total return on bonds with different prices and coupon rates.

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What kind of credit rating does the MLP have, and what coupon rate does it have on its debt. This metric is very simple to understand and calculate. It’s the total amount of distributable cash flow.

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About Zero Coupon Bond Calculator . The online Zero Coupon Bond Calculator is used to calculate the zero coupon bond value. Zero Coupon Bond Definition. A zero coupon bond is a bond bought at a price lower than its face value, with the face value repaid at the time of maturity. It does not make periodic interest payments.