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Another Word For Bridge The Gap How To Get A Bridge Loan Mortgage Bridge Loans – how they work in Canada, and why you might. – Bridge loans, sometimes called bridge mortgages, are something I’m seeing a lot more often with my clients. Why might you want – or need – to get bridge financing? I was chatting with one of the real estate lawyers I work with the other day, and she told me that after more than 20 years in.Rich Tandler of reports that the two sides started the negotiating process with a big gap between their thoughts on an appropriate contract and that they haven’t made much progress.

Glossary of electrical engineering terms . Definition A battery intended to provide power to system memory while the main battery is replaced.

bridge: stationary dental prosthesis (appliance) fixed to teeth adjacent to a space; replaces one or more missing teeth, cemented or bonded to supporting teeth or implants adjacent to the space. Also called a fixed partial denture. bruxism : grinding or gnashing of the teeth, most commonly during sleep.

This Nautical Terms Glossary will help you understand the basic terminology used in the boating and marine industry. The listing is quite comprehensive but is in no way considered complete or finalized. If you come across a nautical term that is not listed, please drop us an email so we can incorporate the information into our glossary.

As applied to an overcall or response, the definition is non-jump, merely sufficient to overcall or respond. SIMPLE FINESSE. A finesse for a single card held by the adversaries. SIMPLE HONORS. A term used in auction bridge to denote three honors in the trump suit, for which 30 points were scored. SINGLE-DUMMY PROBLEM.

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Bridge Terms. Bridge: A structure used in aiding humans and animals in. understand, post a comment and I will attempt to define it for you.

BRIDGE TERMS – S. sacrificial anode sacrificial coating sacrificial protection sacrificial thickness saddle safe load. saddle-a member located upon the topmost portion of the tower of a suspension bridge which acts as a bearing surface for the catenary cable passing over it .

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Bridge Co Legal definition for BRIDGE: A structure erected over a river, creek, stream, ditch, ravine, or other place, to facilitate the passage thereof; including by the term both arches and abutments.

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Bridger. Prefers a quiet life and loves to collect things. They are very trustworthy although they don’t often extend that trust to others easily. With an unbeatable wit and humorous charm, they can blend into any conversation although they tend to hold their tongue until the opportune moment.

The term is used to distinguish such craft from the definition of “motorboat” in the. Amendment: For Bridge Program terms, a Coast Guard document that.